Building Alterations Cape Town

Planning to do building alterations to your existing home. With so much choice for home improvement contractors as well as building contractors offering to do renovations to your home, it can be quite a daunting task to find the right building contractor to suite your building requirements.

The Caland group has been delivering quality, expert workmanship in the building industry for the last 15 years. You can view many before and after photos for Building alterations, renovations, as well as new homes that we have built for clients in our project gallery. With close supervision of the building project, monitoring and clear concise planning and execution of project time lines, we pride ourselves on completion of our projects within the allocated time frame. Great communication with our clients is extremely important to us, so that our clients are well informed and part of the process and decision making when they are called upon to make selections for their finishes. Our projects are carefully planned prior to commencement, so that there is a smooth transition and workflow at all times. There is a set payment schedule that gets set up when compiling the building contract, this way the client is completely informed and prepared for the payments according to the progress and schedule that was set in place.

Regulations for Building contractors

All our work is carried out in strict accordance within the prescribed National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (NBRBSA). We will appoint the necessary engineers, should they be needed, as well as give the necessary guidance during the design process so that the building project does not exceed your required budget. We only use qualified contractors and tradesmen, that have been part of our team for many years, thus delivering a very high standard of workmanship on all our projects. This will give you peace of mind and make the building process a smooth and enjoyable experience. Many of our Building projects have been carried out across the greater Cape Town area, like Durbanville, , Panorama, Bergvliet, Claremont, Constantia, Newlands, Tokai, Edgemead, Table View, Bishopscourt, Rondebosch.

Below is a basic guide as to the process and important points to be aware of when going through the selection process of appointing your building contractor to perform the Building alterations for you on your project. This covers all aspects, renovations, building alterations, home improvements, essentially any work or modifications that you intend carrying out on your property.

First and foremost, you would need to get plans drawn up for your proposed project based on what your requirements and budget is. You will appoint an Architect to do the design and draw up the plans for your project. The appointed architect will also submit plans and check legalities, making sure that all the planned renovations conform to Building legislation. All home owners planning to renovate, excluding internal renovations, which are not of a structural nature, must comply with certain fire regulations, as well as all the general guidelines that is set out by the local municipality or if applicable the Homeowners associations, must make an application for approval of their plans, before commencing work on site. This should be one of the first considerations in planning alterations or building renovations, closely followed by careful consideration of the impact of the building on your neighbours. Furthermore, should your plans offend your neighbours, they could object with insignificant reasons to impede or halt the planning process.

This will give you a clear idea of what you can expect as the end product. The plans can then be given to the contractor to do a bill of materials and cost the project for you. Once you are satisfied that the building plans are complete as per your brief and the contract price is within your allocated budget, then only will the plans be submitted to the local municipalities building control department for approval.

All requirements for Building Alterations

Should the Renovation or building alteration require mass ground excavations, plumbing drainage, new electrical connections, pool installations, boundary walls, fencing any structural changes then a building plan needs to be submitted to the Local building council. All the required professionals need to be appointed as well, like your structural engineer, roofing engineer, etc. All types of Building Renovations, building alterations, home improvements must have all the necessary requirements in place prior to commencement of the building work.

When the plan is prepared and is ready, it then has to be submitted to the local councils plans examiners, who then scrutinize and check the building plans to determine that all the requirements has been met. This will cover all the by laws, Zoning regulations, checking the title deeds and homeowners guidelines if applicable, is in order. The scrutiny fee is then calculated based on the extent of the work planned, which must then be paid before it will continue through the process. Should there be any amendments to the plan, you will be advised, so that they can be rectified before they are accepted and sent for final approval. Approval for all building work like, new homes, Building alterations, building renovations, kitchen renovations any related work where you might require a building contractor, must be obtained. The process is dependent on how complex the planned project is, this can also affect the time frame for plan approval. The average time for a plan to be approved is between 4 to 6 weeks.

Once the plans are all approved and you are ready to commence with your project. Now you have gathered all your quotes from the respective Building contractors and you have appointed your building contractor, you are ready to go. You have all your costs neatly broken down for you, with all your provisional sums for your finishes. Provisional sums are the budgeted amount for items, like floor cover, doors, door handles, sanitary ware, kitchens, built in cupboards etc. These amounts are normally market related.

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